# Articles

Although a blog exists, this section contains longer-form articles that I intend to update now and then.

Content Central

Lessons learned building Avalara's tax content management system
Background and History, Technical Stack, War Stories

The Importance of Memory

Our ability to store and retrieve information reliably is a precious, limited resource.
What Office Workers Memorize, What Software Engineers Memorize, Implications and Observations

PostgreSQL DBaaS Calculator

This is a comparison of PostgreSQL DBaaS providers with an interactive calculator.
Vendor Overview, Calculator, Budget, Observations, Changelog

Concerning Vue

Personally, I think Vue is a great JavaScript framework. Here's why.
The Journey from AngularJS, Personal Observations, Further Reading

Web Mapping Technology

These are some of the concepts and tools I wish I knew when I started working with interactive web maps.
How Web Maps Work, Client Libraries, Map Tile Servers and APIs