Web Platform 2022

I have launched a few websites over the years and have tried many different companies and services. There are many services to set up to have a full online presence. If this isn’t your day job to deal with, it can be a little overwhelming.

Consider my list below an essential checklist of establishing a low-cost online presence in 2022. None of these are affiliate links, but if you find this list useful, you can thank me in other ways.

Domain: Cloudflare Registrar

Cloudflare sells domain names at cost, so it literally can not be any cheaper. I always liked to put my sites behind their free DDoS protection anyway, so registering the domain itself with Cloudflare skips that step.

Runner-up: Hover.

Hosting: Render

If you’re deploying a static site or a web application, Render is straightforward and powerful. It feels like the heir apparent to Heroku. The free plan goes a long way. Runners up:

Email: Fastmail

What good is a website without a way to contact you? Fastmail is an excellent privacy-friendly value at $5/month, with additional users for $3, 30-day trial. Runners up:

Analytics: Plausible Analytics

Simple, lightweight, as privacy focused as analytics can be. $9/month, 30-day trial.

Code: GitLab

The free version of GitLab comes with 5GB of storage and 400 CI/CD minutes per month, more than enough to build the average static site several times a day. You can host your site directly with GitLab pages, but there are also integrations with Render, CloudFlare Pages, Vercel, Netlify, and others.

Runner-up: GitHub.

In all, this could be $15 out of pocket to launch and $15/month for email and analytics.