Astro Update

Since I first mentioned this in April, I’m continuing to use Astro. It has experienced some churn between then and now, and I guess that was the price of trying out pre-beta software. I think it was worth it, though. Here’s my updated astro.config.mjs file for v1.1:

import { defineConfig } from "astro/config";
import vue from "@astrojs/vue";
import tailwind from "@astrojs/tailwind";
import mdx from "@astrojs/mdx";
import remarkGemoji from "remark-gemoji";

export default defineConfig({
  site: "",
  build: {
    format: "directory",
  integrations: [vue(), tailwind(), mdx()],
  markdown: {
    extendDefaultPlugins: true,
    remarkPlugins: [remarkGemoji],

The font bug that affected me (requiring a weird workaround) was fixed. Compared to the original config, the markdown configuration has improved. Most notably, Astro has embraced MDX wholeheartedly, which meant a bit of migration for my sites. Honestly NBD. They continue to iterate quickly and are on v1.1.5 as I write this.

VuePress and VitePress still have the edge in out-of-the-box documentation experience, particularly for having a simple built-in client-only search function. I suppose I should work on a plugin for Astro + MiniSearch or Lunr.js or something instead of complaining about it.