Beam Analytics

This site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages, and so I have some visibility to the traffic. Still, it’s useful to have more details than the Cloudflare analytics provide. Years ago the default option would have been Google Analytics, but there are more privacy-friendly alternatives available now.

Until today I was using Plausible Analytics on this site and my side project. It costs $9.75/month which felt pretty reasonable at the time. I am nowhere near the 10k page views that would force me to upgrade my plan, though. When calculated as price per page view even now, it’s… a lot. That’s especially in light of everything else here (except for the domain name) being free.

The other day however, I saw an HN post about Beam Analytics (affiliate link). The free tier is 100k page views per month, and that seems like a nice value. I will try it out and probably cancel my Plausible plan.